Pediatric neurology department at Reem Hospital offers comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment plans for infants, children, and adolescents. Our Pediatric Neurologists provide compassionate, specialized care for all neurological concerns. At Reem Hospital advanced technology meets a family-centered approach for your child to have a bright future with a healthy life.

When to see a pediatric neurologist?

Pediatric neurologists have specialized training and experience in treating conditions affecting young minds and bodies. You need to consult a pediatric neurologist for each of the following conditions.

  • Seizures, fainting, or unusual muscle movements.
  • Severe or frequent headaches.
  • Autism: suspecting lack of communication.
  • Developmental delays in walking, talking, or coordination.
  • Muscle weakness, tremors, or loss of sensation.
  • Balance problems, or poor muscle strength.
  • Problems in learning and poor memory.
  • Unusual or challenging behaviors.
  • Neurological assessment for premature babies.
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Why choose pediatric neurology care at Reem Hospital, Abu Dhabi?

Reem Hospital is considered one of the best pediatric​ neurology​ care hospitals in the UAE. Our pediatric neurologists’ main priority is ensuring that children receive the appropriate medical care, treatment, and rehabilitation guide to lead to a healthy life. In addition to our wealth of experience, and specialized training, we are also advantageously equipped with modern medical technologies that help in achieving desired outcomes. At Reem Hospital, Abu Dhabi, you will be accompanied by our team of compassionate professionals who will respond to all your questions and present you with thorough assessments and treatment recommendations ensuring a family-centred approach.

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Treatments offered by pediatric neurologists at Reem Hospital, Abu Dhabi.

At Reem Hospital we offer a comprehensive ​pediatric neurology care​ along with range of treatments designed to address a wide variety of conditions affecting infants, children, and adolescents.

  • Epilepsy and seizure disorders.
  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Diagnosis and management of neuromuscular conditions.
  • Movement Disorders like tics, tremors, dystonia, and spasticity.
  • Developmental monitoring and neonatal neurology.
  • Abnormal head size and shape.
  • Abnormal gait.
  • Cerebral palsy diagnosis, designing a multidisciplinary plan, and follow-up.
  • Neuro-metabolic conditions.
  • Diagnosis of neuro-genetic conditions and counseling.
  • Neuro-behavioral conditions.
  • Autism.
  • Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.
  • Learning and intellectual difficulties.
  • Botulinum toxins injections for muscular spasticity.
  • Treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy through ketogenic diet services.
  • Diagnostic tests including EEG, ABR, VEP, and NCS.
  • Diagnostic assessment for developmental delay.
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Written By
Dr. Dina Saleh

Consultant Pediatric - Head of Department

Dr. Dina Saleh is a Consultant in Pediatric/ Neurology and Head of Department at Reem Hospital. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of neuroscience. Prior to joining Reem Hospital, she was affiliated with many reputable...

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Dr. Dina Saleh

Pediatric Neurology
Consultant Pediatric - Head of Department
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