Our Philosophy

With compassion and innovation being the heart and soul of everything we do, our one and only goal is to bring you back to vitality

About Reem Hospital

Established in 2020 and with a capacity of over 200 beds, Reem Hospital is the first Post-acute Rehabilitation, and Multi-specialty Hospital built to provide quality and world-class care to patients throughout their recovery journey.

By onboarding best-in-class doctors and integrating renewed advanced technologies as well as AI tracking and programming systems, we aim to provide you access to the world’s best healthcare services, reducing your need to seek medical support abroad.

We are proudly operated by VAMED in partnership with Charité, one of the leading University Hospitals in Germany and Europe, with more than 300 years of experience in specialized pediatric care.


What Makes Us Different


Our Approach to Care

We strive to maximize recovery, regain abilities, and foster independence in the best possible ways



To provide innovative value-based health care through an integrated approach measured by transparent outcomes and patient satisfaction



To implement world class clinical care pathways and programs to become the leading and most trusted hospital in the UAE

Multispeciality clinics

Advanced Rehabilitation Program

Long Term Care



The VAMED group, our rehabilitation partner, was founded in Austria in 1982 and operates more than 100 hospitals worldwide, combining sound rehabilitation expertise with innovation.
With its comprehensive range of health care services, ranging from medical tourism and preventive medicine to care and follow-up in rehabilitation, VAMED has successfully served more than 3.2 million patients.
With clinical pathways developed over the last 35 years, VAMED and we are rooted in the common principle of care guided by excellence and compassion.

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