Long Term Care

Our Long-term care treatments and therapeutics combine a variety of services which help meet both medical and non-medical needs of patients who suffered or are still suffering with chronic illnesses, disabilities or are unable to look after themselves for long periods.

What we offer in Reem Hospital is an innovated care model delivered by a team of skilled nurses and physicians who are available to serve both temporary and ongoing long-term patients. Ranging from the simple to the severe, we provide a range of medical care services that includes bedside nursing, ventilators, cardiac monitoring, respiratory care, wound care and more.

As we care about the comfort of our patients and their families, we ensure to provide all essentials throughout the day to give you an experience that meets our community-based facility aims and values. Our clinical practices are based on international standards and are in a continuous development through research. Our main approach at Reem Hospital is to provide quality care that you deserve while maintaining the principles.


Helping You Lead Comfortable Lives


For Adults

Our long-term care program combines several full rehabilitation and education plan services designed to improve quality of life.


For Kids

Our pediatric long-term care program includes several therapeutic services that will aid your child in regaining their quality of life.


Ventilator Support

With success rates exceeding expectations, our ventilator support program is one of the most effective known.

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