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Everything you need to know about getting care at Reem Hospital

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Everything you need to know about getting care at Reem Hospital

Reem Hospital provides expert medical care to adults and children regardless of their illnesses and medical conditions. Awarded as one of the best Specialty Hospitals in the UAE, our health services program offers you and your family personal assistance by referring you to world-class physicians before, during and after your visit for a quality healthcare.

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1089+ reviews

Every thing was good the staff behaviour., there were professiolal and helpful and careful. but only one I will say specifically for night shift doctor and nurse. I call them... see more

Afaq Mohsin Avatar Afaq Mohsin
August 8, 2023

Dr Farrukh is the best doctor I have met I appreciate his positive energy that he gives to his patients and his understanding what’s we are suffering exactly

August 1, 2023

I had a very good experienced with my visit in Al Reem Hospital especially with Dr. Farrukh Hamid and his whole team started with the reception , nurses very accommodating... see more

Khristine Azdamou Avatar Khristine Azdamou
August 1, 2023

Amazing hospital

Mo M Avatar Mo M
July 25, 2023

Best hospital

Kat Avatar Kat
July 25, 2023

Excellent hospitality. I was worried. Now I’m very relieved.

Omar Noureldin Avatar Omar Noureldin
July 25, 2023

Thanks for care

ali Qaddoura Avatar ali Qaddoura
July 25, 2023

I would like to thank the staff of the neurology department and Dr. Rudy As well as the blood draw and x-ray department for the express service, the description of... see more

Aala Alhamed Avatar Aala Alhamed
July 18, 2023

Dr. Farouk Neurorehabilitation specialty In short, happiness is described for you, and thanks to God, pain is cured for you

Mohammed Hassan Al bloshi Avatar Mohammed Hassan Al bloshi
July 18, 2023

ًMany thankfully to Dr Nofal for his efforts with me. He did all his effort with me during my surgery and following me all the time. I recommend him for... see more

Aliaa Azmi Avatar Aliaa Azmi
July 18, 2023

Great hospital, very efficient team 👍

Yara Radwan Nutrition Avatar Yara Radwan Nutrition
July 11, 2023

Dr Adel Attia from the Urgent Care attended our baby boy today and the Dr was amazing, even when we were reluctant to going with the syringe the Dr found... see more

Mohammad Jahjah Avatar Mohammad Jahjah
July 8, 2023

I have visited several dentists with my problem, never had a good result. Dr. Firas Dental was recommended by a colleague of mine. I Visited reem branch with Dr.... see more

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Harb Alali Avatar Harb Alali
July 8, 2023

Brand new, clean, nice staff- medium size, visitor friendly. Available parking.

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Mohammed Alathamneh Avatar Mohammed Alathamneh
July 8, 2023

I go to dr. Issam S Khoury and I can’t describe how grateful I am for meeting this amazing dr who really knew my issue and took good care of... see more

Asma Omaira Avatar Asma Omaira
July 8, 2023

Amazing doctors and hospital ! I've had a surgery recently, my doctor was Dr. Ahmed Nofal and i can't thank him enough for being such a great professor! He made... see more

Florin Postalian Avatar Florin Postalian
July 8, 2023

Thanks Dr Farrukh I have been suffering with neck pain since many years, being to multiple doctors without any improvement One of my friend suggested me to see Dr Farrukh... see more

Fayhas Little World Avatar Fayhas Little World
July 8, 2023

Thanks Dr Farrukh I was having elbow pain since many months without any improvement despite being to multiple doctors But after seeing Dr Farrukh’ iam completely pain free and he... see more

Afra 908 Avatar Afra 908
July 8, 2023

I want to share my experience with ENT department led by Dr Ahmed Nofal, ENT. I have been enjoying great service from all the reception stuff, the friendly character of... see more

Lucky Maseko Avatar Lucky Maseko
July 8, 2023

Good morning, I would like to say a Big Thank you for the care provided to my little one from Dr Eman Hassan and her team in the paediatric unit.... see more

Vale Stefanoni Avatar Vale Stefanoni
July 8, 2023

Great friendly & professional experience very time I visit the orthapedics team at Reem Hospital - and the surgery went well too !!

Michael Nevin Avatar Michael Nevin
July 8, 2023

Went for urgent care due to high fever and severe headache with flu like symptoms, i was immediately assisted, the nurse Preenu was very polite and accommodating, Dr Salwa was... see more

Gg D Avatar Gg D
July 8, 2023

Miss Samiha Harrouch Dr.Neal mohamed for psychatry Dr. Imane essmat for cardiology Dr.Sherif ban for orthopedic Dr.Abid Ali anwar for family medicine Dr.Louay for gastro Dr.Nabil Abaza for urology ... see more

Mike Khan Avatar Mike Khan
July 8, 2023

To good Dr farukh. He is very very good doctor. Thank you tooo much My pain so much good now. Many doctor before many no good. Now no pain.... see more

Jawad Hayat Avatar Jawad Hayat
June 8, 2023

An absolute delight of a hospital, from the moment you enter the reception, the sweetness and kindness of the staff is incredible and makes you feel better already. Thank you... see more

Maria Antonia (mariantoniapd) Avatar Maria Antonia (mariantoniapd)
June 8, 2023

My physiotherapist Nagina provided an outstanding experience that exceeded my expectations, demonstrating both expertise and genuine care in assisting me. Her exceptional help made a significant impact on my overall... see more

Eunice Martinez Avatar Eunice Martinez
June 8, 2023

I have been treated by many doctors in several facilities but it was hard to find a physician who could understand my real issue and treat it until I find... see more

brahim bouyzgaren Avatar brahim bouyzgaren
June 8, 2023

Fantastic experience with Dr Farukh. Amazing consultant. I have not met anyone so knowledgeable in his field and I lived and grew up in Europe and could not get answer... see more

José Luis Rodriguez Robledo Avatar José Luis Rodriguez Robledo
June 8, 2023

I have been visiting Mr. Ahmed Neroth for physiotherapy and he is doing great job with me and taking care of everything. Thanks for him and for the hospital

Elite Fishing Avatar Elite Fishing
June 8, 2023

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