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Everything you need to know about getting care at Reem Hospital

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Everything you need to know about getting care at Reem Hospital

Reem Hospital provides expert medical care to adults and children regardless of their illnesses and medical conditions. Awarded as one of the best Specialty Hospitals in the UAE, our health services program offers you and your family personal assistance by referring you to world-class physicians before, during and after your visit for a quality healthcare.

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1353+ reviews

The best hospital in abu dhabi as Professional doctors like Doctor Ahmad Nofal for nose section and doctor Eman for children section and with their kind dealing with the patients.... see more

fadi alamat Avatar fadi alamat
January 11, 2024

Very well-organized hospital. Almost no waiting time. Friendly, empathic and professional doctors. Very friendly staff at the receptions make you almost forget why are there. Especially to highlight is the... see more

Daniel Hoffmann Avatar Daniel Hoffmann
January 11, 2024

Excellent customer care. Dr and staff are very professional and highly trained. I can easily recommend Reem Hospital

Amal AS Avatar Amal AS
January 11, 2024

Thank you to Dr Farrukh, I strongly recommend people to visit him

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Teeton.h Alhassani Avatar Teeton.h Alhassani
January 10, 2024

Best doctor Farrukh Hamid

Shamsa Alfalahi Avatar Shamsa Alfalahi
January 9, 2024

Many thanks to Dr. Louay Rueili ( Gastro Clinic ) and all other staff very good experience with them .

Aseel johar Avatar Aseel johar
January 8, 2024

Dr. Adriana and the Team, Thank you is not enough for excellent care and successful surgery you performed on me. To all Reem Hospital Staff. Thank you for the... see more

gina bontia Avatar gina bontia
January 5, 2024

War richtig schön. Alles war perfekt. Ich empfehle es weiter

aiham abdalbaki Avatar aiham abdalbaki
January 5, 2024

Outstanding healthcare facility, very clean and well organized, they got very competent doctors and accommodating staff

Hani Al Taki Avatar Hani Al Taki
January 5, 2024

A wonderful hospital with distinguished staff and integrated services I recommend visiting it

Lubna Al_Atrash Avatar Lubna Al_Atrash
January 5, 2024

I’m so thankful to Dr. Eman pediatrician for her professionalism and kindness. She took care of my kid. Helped us a lot, when he was sick

Shanya Avatar Shanya
December 29, 2023

Had great experience with al reem hospital and dr Ahmed Nofal for my daughter adenoid and tonsil operation 👍👍

Ahood Hussain Avatar Ahood Hussain
December 29, 2023

Best hospital in Abu Dhabi

Saud Akhter Avatar Saud Akhter
December 29, 2023

My experience with doctor Mohamed Elgharib was amazing

Garo Masrajian Avatar Garo Masrajian
December 29, 2023

All team is very kind and cooprative and very progessional

Mian Waqar Hussain Avatar Mian Waqar Hussain
December 29, 2023

Update: It's been a number of weeks after this post and I decided that an update is due. I have been able to complete 6 sessions of physio with Mr.... see more

Sathesh Ramesar Avatar Sathesh Ramesar
December 29, 2023

The professional medical staff, the nurses are very helpful, and the reception is very nice. I recommend visiting it

zoya alhamad Avatar zoya alhamad
December 29, 2023

High quality services, gentle treatment, I recommend al reem hospital to whom needs the best experience 👌

Ammar KD207 Avatar Ammar KD207
December 22, 2023

Excellent and cooperative medical staff

Salman Alhalabi Avatar Salman Alhalabi
December 22, 2023

An excellent hospital, a staff of professional doctors, a beautiful reception. I recommend visiting this hospital

Haidar Horane Avatar Haidar Horane
December 22, 2023

So good

Okk Xxa Avatar Okk Xxa
December 22, 2023

One of the best hospitals ever. The doctors are professional, the nurses are very helpful, and the reception staff are friendly. I recommend visiting it

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Diaa Nasr Avatar Diaa Nasr
December 22, 2023

Amazing healthcare facility with great doctors who are keeping patient care their top priority and very professional staff

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Lima Khalil Avatar Lima Khalil
December 22, 2023

Best doctor 🧑‍⚕️ high recommend to visit doctor Ahmed Nofel for ENT consult

Elsewhere Avatar Elsewhere
December 12, 2023

I had a surgery with Dr Ahmad Nofal, he's the best, He answers all your questions and gives you the time you need in the consultation which is what I'm... see more

Nour M Avatar Nour M
December 5, 2023

Amazing hospital thanks for all

Mark Mounir Avatar Mark Mounir
December 5, 2023

Excellent service and great staff I recommend to visit

Mohammad Bayzid Avatar Mohammad Bayzid
November 28, 2023

Thank you so much miss Mariala and miss Dina for keep smiling and patient with me and make me so happy and so satisfied from both services

Aya Elsaadi Avatar Aya Elsaadi
November 28, 2023

Our dear son did the Adenoidectomy procedure on 22.11.2023 at Reem Hospital with the finest and most benevolent surgeon that I have ever met and has work with, our ENT... see more

Jude Villanueva-Santiago Avatar Jude Villanueva-Santiago
November 28, 2023

I went to this hospital today and was suffering from a terrible pain in my knee, I did not take any appointment as the doctor was fully booked,... see more

djamal kellouche Avatar djamal kellouche
November 28, 2023

Best hospital in Abu dhabi for sure… The staff is helpful, professional and extremely nice. My procedure went smooth, including sedating pre and post informations given by the healthcare staff.

Nadia Janoudi Avatar Nadia Janoudi
November 21, 2023

Thanks for everything

Samer Eid Avatar Samer Eid
November 21, 2023

Dr. Aghiad in Dental Clinic The best Thank you Doctors

shaikha Alamri Avatar shaikha Alamri
November 21, 2023

I visited Dr. Sarah at Reem Hospital Dentist for my daughter. My daughter had a crooked smile and was always sensitive with her looks, Dr. Sarah, a well-mannered doctor, saved... see more

Ron Allister Avatar Ron Allister
November 21, 2023

I had been visiting Dental Clinic at Reem Hospital for the past couple of months. I love the doctors there, especially Dr. Abdullah. Professional and Empathetic, we need more doctors... see more

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HK Avatar HK
November 21, 2023

Thanks 😊

Hamada Elshazly Avatar Hamada Elshazly
November 21, 2023

I had my septoplasty surgery with Dr. Ahmad Nofal, the surgery went smooth and currently in the recovery process... Deducted one star because of their insurance team, as I had... see more

Nadine Avatar Nadine
November 21, 2023

Absolutely the best experience I’ve had in a hospital. The staff is helpful, professional and extremely nice. My procedure went smooth, including sedating pre and post informations given by the... see more

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Mike Such Avatar Mike Such
November 14, 2023

I had my septoplasty surgery at Reem hospital. I highly recommend there medical services Good and well organized facility.Good doctors, nurses and receptionist. Many thanks to Dr. Ahmed Nofal and... see more

James Paul Baclig Santos Avatar James Paul Baclig Santos
November 14, 2023

Best Hospital in Abu Dhabi. I visited multiple doctors and all of them were excellent: Dr. Ahmad Nofal, ENT Consultant Dr. Ki Yun, Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Stefan, Orthopaedics

Amjad Abu Saa Avatar Amjad Abu Saa
November 12, 2023

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