Dr. Mohamed Ismail


Long Term Care


General Medicine


General Practitioner

Work Experience

8 Years


Arabic, English, German




Dr. Mohamed Ismail is a General Physician at Reem Hospital. He has completed his educational qualification from the Medical College in Cairo University and held several positions with prominent establishments before joining Reem Hospital in Egypt and the UAE, working as a Primary Care Physician and a Medical Director of the Primary Healthcare Unit for Ministry of Health in Egypt.

Dr. Mohamed has also served as a General Practitioner in Medicine and Surgery in the Military Armed Forces in Egypt, and as a General Practitioner in outpatient and inpatient settings for both adults and pediatrics who suffer from various levels of illnesses (Post Cerebrovascular Attacks, Post Critical Illness Myopathies, Chronic Kidney Diseases on Hemodialysis and Palliative care).

Dr. Mohamed has also completed several training courses, including a General Surgery training in National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrine in Egypt, and is well equipped with the necessary skillset in managing several conditions ranging from moderate to complicated. He has a strong interest in the national healthcare system and looks forward to providing quality and timely care to patients.

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