Dr. Rayan Damaj






Consultant Pediatric

Work Experience

5 Years


English, Arabic


United Kingdom


Dr. Rayan Damaj is a pediatric consultant at Reem Hospital. She is a graduate of Balamand University in Lebanon and has five years of experience in pediatrics. Dr. Rayan Damaj completed her training in pediatrics and adolescent medicine at the American University of Beirut Medical Center and also earned a diploma in allergy at Imperial College of London in the UK. She is a member of prestigious European associations and is currently working on her membership in RCPCH, UK.

Her areas of expertise include diagnosing simple to complex clinical complications in children; providing accurate and reliable treatments to help children recover from ailments, diagnosing and treating infections, malignancies, and defects; and promoting, protecting, and optimizing children’s health and abilities from newborn to adulthood. 

Prior to joining Reem Hospital, Dr. Rayan worked in renowned healthcare facilities in Lebanon and the UAE, where she provided excellent care to children. She is interested in research and offers educational sessions on various topics in her field.

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