Dr.Rana Khazar Al-Zoubi 




Asthma , Chest infections , Sleep disorders


Consultant Pulmonology

Work Experience

10 years


English, Arabic




Dr. Rana specializes in evaluating and diagnosing a wide spectrum of respiratory ailments, encompassing everything from basic infections to intricate conditions like lung tumors and interstitial lung diseases, along with obstructive lung diseases, pulmonary vascular diseases, sleep respiratory disorders, and allergies. Their expertise extends to performing advanced respiratory procedures such as bronchoscopy and associated invasive techniques, interpreting chest imaging, conducting pulmonary functional testing, and analyzing sleep studies.

Missouri- Kansas City and University of Kansas.

She has an over ten years experience mostly in USA , practicing Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Medicine, during which she helped diagnosing and treating complex Pulmonary cases in the inpatient, outpatient and ICU departments. In addition she has been actively involved in medical education as a core teaching faculty of medical students , residents and fellows , and was nominated as the Top Teaching Faculty in the Pulmonary Department based on the residents and fellows voting in the Academic year 2018.

Dr. Al-Zoubi has published many research projects , case reports and educational posters at so many prestigious conferences as ATS and ACP in addition to medical journals in USA .Her outstanding training in USA has qualified her in diagnosing a wide spectrum of Pulmonary diseases including chest infections , obstructive lung diseases , interstitial lung diseases, pulmonary vascular diseases, lung nodules/tumors and sleep breathing disorders . Also her experience in Critical Care Medicine has expanded her scope and added to her expertise in diagnosing and treating complicated Pulmonary cases in ICU .

During her comprehensive training she developed her advanced skills in performing Pulmonary Medicine related procedures including Bronchoscopy with all associated invasive procedures , EBUS and Navigational Bronchoscopy in addition to interpreting all respiratory testing including Pulmonary Function test , CPET and sleep studies. All to help establish the accurate diagnosis and start the best management plan for Pulmonary patients .


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