Dr. Jamal Kassouma


ENT, Head & Neck Surgery


ENT, Head & Neck Surgery


Consultant Otolaryngology

Work Experience

30 Years


English, Arabic


Dr. Jamal Kassouma, MD, FRCS Ed, FRCS ORL-HNS, is an accomplished ENT consultant surgeon renowned for his expertise in microscopic ear surgery and pioneering work in cochlear implants. As a professor at Damascus University, Syria, and Associate Professor at Dubai Medical College, UAE, he introduced cochlear implant surgery in Syria in 2002. Notable achievements include performing the first bone conduction hearing implant in the UAE and the first cochlear implant under local anesthesia for an 80-year-old patient. With a remarkable record of approximately 1,900 cochlear implantations across multiple countries with a zero-complication rate, he has also successfully completed around 10,000 complex ear surgeries.

Dr. Kassouma is a recipient of several prestigious awards, including the “Son of the Country” award in Syria for introducing cochlear implant surgery in 2002, recognition from the Middle East Academy of Otolaryngologists for his dedicated service to the deaf community in 2007 and 2023, and awards from Sheikh Handan ben Rashed for his distinguished contributions to Dubai Health Authority in 2017, as well as accolades for his participation in medical education by DHA.

Dr. Jamal conducts specialized clinics for ear diseases, hearing loss and creating a cochlear implant unit at Reem Hospital in Abu Dhabi every Saturday from 12 pm to 3 pm. Please note that consultations with Dr. Jamal are available by appointment only.

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