Dr. Danya Bushwereb


Family Medicine


Family Medicine


Consultant Family Medicine

Work Experience

17 years


English, Arabic


Dr. Danya Bushwereb is a family medicine doctor, she brings over 15 years of comprehensive medical expertise to her role as a consultant in family medicine at Reem Hospital. Specializing in mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress syndrome, as well as dermatological issues and cardiovascular conditions such as hypertension, irregular heartbeats, and hyperlipidemia. Moreover headaches, diabetes, asthma, COPD, thyroid diseases, joint pain, back pain, allergies, etc. She also performs wellness checkups and provides weight management services. Dr. Danya provides holistic care for her patients, including how to identify urgent cases and serious conditions such as cancer.

A graduate of Tripoli Medical University in Libya, Dr. Danya is UK-board-certified, holds a certificate of completion of training in family medicine from the UK, and holds a postgraduate diploma in clinical dermatology from Queen`s Mary University of London, along with a Master of Research with a merit in biomedicine (aging and health) from Newcastle University. Her extensive experience spans various medical and surgical departments in the UK, including psychiatry, pediatrics, women’s health, internal medicine, and urgent care. Dr. Danya is also a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, actively participating in research, audits, and quality improvement projects.

Before joining Reem Hospital, Dr. Danya honed her skills in London, Tunbridge Wells, and Newcastle City. She excelled as a senior house officer in specialties such as colorectal, respiratory, gastroenterology, hepatology, endocrine, kidney and liver transplant, care of the elderly, palliative care, pediatrics, gynecology, acute medicine, casualty, and different family medicine practices. Dr. Danya with a fervent dedication to advancing family care in Abu Dhabi, is committed to patient-centered practice. She treats each individual with the utmost care and consideration, just as she would her own family. She stands as their voice and advocate.

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