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11 Years






Dr. Basel Sheikh Torab is a Syrian National, GP Dentist in Dr. Firas who got his Master’s degree in conservative restorative dentistry from La Sapienza University from Roma Italy after he completed his Diploma in Cosmetic Dentistry from the British Academy of restorative and cosmetic dentistry BIRD.

Dr. Basel got his Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery BDS from Egypt and completed his training at Aachen University

Dr. Basel has more than 11 years of experience involves several restorative cosmetic dental field like veneers, crowns and bridges, cosmetic restorations, teeth bleaching and gingivoplasy by laser. He is certified from EON company as clear aligner orthodontic provider and has previously worked as a Pediatric Dentist for 6 years in a Specialized Pediatric Center in the Ministry of Health in Kuwait which worked under the supervision of Forsyth institute Cambridge USA and he is member of Kuwait dental association.

Dr. Basel is passionate and committed to patient care and has a strong commitment to the field of cosmetic dentistry with a will and aim to employ his experience in helping patients to get the perfect smiles.

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