Dr. Al Zahrah Iedi


General & Internal Medicine


General Medicine


General Practitioner

Work Experience

4 years


English, Arabic, Urdu, German




Dr. Al Zahra Iedi is a General Practitioner at Reem Hospital with 4 years of experience practicing in the field. She is a graduate of the University of Sharjah and is highly skilled in treating a variety of human diseases and injuries.

Before joining Reem Hospital, Dr. Al Zahrah was working with Ishraq Home Health Care as a General Practitioner and has completed several training programs with prominent hospitals in the UAE in areas of Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, and Gynecology, and more. Dr. Al Zahrah has a strong passion for learning and education and hence completed several educational courses during her practice years in Basic Surgical Skills, Life Support, and Severe Trauma Management.

Dr. Al Zahrah’s special interests are Family Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Pediatrics. She is also highly knowledgeable in Drug Properties and Interactions, Vaccinations, Procedural Techniques, and Preventive Healthcare methods.

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