Anil Parapoyil




Orthopedic & Sports Injury



Work Experience

24 Years


English, Hindi, Malayalam, Arabic ( basic)


Mr. Anil Parapoyil, MPT (Ortho), Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Care.


Basic & Advanced Spinal and Peripheral Manipulation
American Institute of Functional Integrated Dry Needling
HPE UK Clinical & Sports Kinesiology Taping

Special Interest:

Orthopedic and Sports Injury.
Mr. Anil Parapoyil is a highly experienced Physiotherapist with over 24 years of dedicated service in the field. Holding a master’s degree in Orthopedic Physiotherapy from Mahatma Gandhi University, India, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Care, his expertise spans across a wide spectrum of orthopedic and geriatric conditions.

Having a rich background in academia and clinical practice, Mr. Anil has served as an Assistant Professor in esteemed institutions across India. Additionally, he has held the prestigious position of Head of the Department in a renowned hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and has been an integral part of top colleges in India.

Mr. Anil’s passion lies in orthopedic and sports injury rehabilitation. His extensive experience in this domain, coupled with his advanced qualifications, enables him to provide comprehensive care and rehabilitation services to patients of all ages and backgrounds where he has been contributing his expertise for the past 17 years in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Mr. Anil is committed to enhancing the quality of life for his patients, Mr. Anil strives to deliver evidence-based, personalized care with compassion and dedication. He believes in empowering individuals through education and tailored treatment plans, aiming for optimal recovery and long-term well-being.

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