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Speech Language Pathology Services

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The Promise of Excellent Care Starts Here

Speech Language Pathology Services

Our Speech-Language Pathology services help in screening, assessing, and identifying as well as treating speech, language, fluency, swallowing, voice, and feeding issues by recognizing early warning signs and symptoms.

Our qualified speech-language pathologists will discuss your concerns by determining your case and evaluating you for the purpose of developing a treatment plan that maximizes speech and language functioning.

Our expert speech-language therapists work with patients of all ages, either children, infants, or toddlers, who may experience feeding and swallowing problems or who require extra help in developing communication skills.

Our speech therapists also provide specialized services for adults who may have encountered an injury in the brain or disease that affected their communication, swallowing, and/or cognitive skills which are resulting in limitations of expression and comprehension skills.

Providing the Tools to Build a Better Communication

Speech Language Pathology Subspecialties

Children’s Services

  • Speech delay
  • Speech disorder
  • Stuttering
  • Voice disorder
  • Language delay
  • Language disorder
  • Cochlear implant and hearing aid rehabilitation
  • Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT)
  • Swallowing assessment and treatment which includes neuromuscular electrical stimulation
  • Improving memory and attention skills.

Adults Services

  • Articulation/speech
  • Stuttering
  • Speech disorder due to stroke, brain injury or progressive neurological diseases
  • Language disorder due to stroke
  • Cognitive-linguistic disorders following brain injury
  • Voice disorder
  • Oral-pharyngeal swallowing disorders, including the following diagnostic and therapeutic procedures: Video fluoroscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (VFES), and Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)
  • Working on oral sensory, motor, and behavioral strategies for feeding disorders.

Our Specialists

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