Zahrah Abdulrahman

Zahrah Abdulrahman

Speciality: Physiotherapy

Expertise:General Physiotherapy


Work Experience:1 Year

Language: English , Arabic


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Zahrah Abdulrahman is a Physiotherapist at Reem Hospital with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Sharjah University. She has completed several training courses in various facilities in the UAE and has commenced her practice in a reputable governmental healthcare facility before joining Reem Hospital. Zahra‚Äôs knowledge in the field has equipped her with the necessary skill set to meet the demands and needs of her patients. Her areas of interest are numerous, ranging from Neurological and Pediatrics Rehabilitation Cases to Manual Therapy, and Therapeutic Exercises as a long-term treatment. Zahra is very passionate about helping patients reach their goals and enjoys working with them in a variety of disciplines. 

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