Agenda & Topics

07:00 pm - 07:30 pm
Dr. Nagib Atallah Yurdi

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon - Head of Department

Challenges in Managing Tendon Ruptures in Athletes

Dr. Nagib will delve into the intricacies of managing tendon ruptures, particularly in the context of athletes where optimal recovery and return to performance are paramount.

07:30 pm - 08:00 pm
Dr. Stefan Von Gumppenberg

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

Effective Clinical and Physical Examination Approaches for Shoulder Pathology

Dr. Stefan will elucidate on clinical and physical examination strategies tailored to diagnosing and managing shoulder pathologies, providing insights crucial to accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning.

08:00 pm - 08:30 pm
Dr. Sebastian Orduna

Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon

Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies for Ligament and Meniscal Lesions

Dr. Sebastian will share his expertise on the latest diagnostic modalities and treatment strategies for ligament and meniscal lesions, offering invaluable insights into optimizing patient outcomes.

08:30 pm - 09:00 pm
Dr. Philippe Neyret

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

Advancements in Osteoarthritis Management & Treatment

Dr. Philippe will discuss cutting-edge advancements in osteoarthritis management and treatment, equipping attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to deliver comprehensive care to patients suffering from this debilitating condition.

Q&A and Panel Discussion
Followed by Dinner