Avoid Risks: Managing Your Health in Summer

Many might prefer summer and rising temperatures rather than the cold and snow. However, with temperatures rising to 101F, dangers from heat exposure will develop.
With concerns about the harmful consequences of COVID 19 in summertime, we still have managed to have good news delivered by health experts about preserving our health during extreme heat and during the pandemic!

When the heat is strong, our bodies have a limited ability to cool off. Therefore, we will start feeling the heat rising in our bodies as a result. In this case, you could potentially start suffering from nausea, headaches, and difficulty in breathing due to overheating and you could be in danger as well from developing a heatstroke that could lead to brain, kidneys or muscle damage/ injury.

In summertime, it’s recommended that everyone acts responsibly and carefully by avoiding direct sun contact. Heat can be risky to those who are healthy, and it can be riskier to those who are already suffering from chronic illnesses. Years of research proved that many people die from heat waves and with people being less interested to visit cooling venues nowadays, there are certain actions you can take to keep yourself safe.

  • Avoid walking in the heat or being exposed to the sun during morning time. Instead, leave your premises once the sun starts going down.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water during heat waves and avoid caffeinated drinks as coffee or tea which can promote dehydration.
  • Keep your home cool by covering the windows with curtains during daylight to keep the sun from shining in.
  • Use fans or AC to circulate air during daylight if needed.
  • Choose cooling centers instead of outdoor venues if you are planning to go out.
  • Add fruits and vegetables that are rich in water to your diet to keep you hydrated such as Watermelons, Mangos, Blueberries, Tomatoes.
  • Use sun protection all time with a recommended with an SPF 30+ to help block UVB radiations and renew the application every 2 hours if you are planning to spend the day outside.

As per an expert advice from our team of physicians, its highly advisable to make some routine changes by avoiding outdoor activities from 11am to 5pm and to wary of sudden environmental changes when entering a cooler facility to a hotter one or vice versa.
Although, exposure to sun can be harmful, its beneficial aspect cannot be neglected, and to maximize the benefits while keeping safe, apply sunscreen, wear a hat, or carry an umbrella before being exposed to the sun and don’t forget to make use of shaded areas.

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