This Is Why We Do What We Do


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This Is Why We Do What We Do


Reem Hospital values and carefully monitors patient's feedback, and we are very delighted to see that our people and services have been so helpful to many people.
We always receive letter of thanks from former patients or their family members for the high quality care we provide at our facility, and we are forever grateful to be referred to the ones who matter the most, our patients. 

Don’t just hear it from us, let our patients do the talking!

Meet our patients and browse real reviews to find out some of the positive feedbacks they’ve written about us.

Patient Feedback

الله يجزيج على سويتيه فينا خير

ويفرح قلبج دووم وريحه مثل ما ريحتينا وفرحتينا

حتى والله ابوهم والعيال اللي في البيت كانه عندنا عيد اليوم

مااااقصرتي لا انتي ولا القروب المتعاون من مريم وملاك و زهره

حتى الرسبشن كوثر

وعمال النظافه ما قصروا في الكراسي والماي

اتمنى التوفيق يارب للجميع



رسالة شكرلقسم اعادة التأهيل في مستشفى الريم

السلام عليكم ورحمة اللة

تحية طيبة وبعد

اولا تحياتى الى كل من يعمل فى مستشفى الريم

ثانيا اتوجة بخالص الشكر والعرفان الى كل من يعمل

فى مستشفى الريم من الاستقبال وسرعة الاستجابة

ومساعدتى فى اى شئ والى الاستاذ محمد الصياد

ومن معة وكذلك جميع من يعمل فى مستشفى الريم 

كل الشكر لكم واتمنا لكم مزيد من التقدم والنجاح


رسالة شكر لكل من يعمل في مستشفى الريم

Dear staff and admin in ALREEM Hospital

I am Cherine  i live in Abu dhabi i would like to send for you this  my email to say thank you for all your support during our quarantine you are more then doctors and nurses you became members of our family we are blessed to be followed by your staff  you helped us to get better physically and emotionally 

I would like to say a big thank you to MR Mohamad Makke for his support and a big clap for his daily attendance to know our situation.

we are blessed to have your support during this hard time god bless all of you


stay safe 

A Thank you Message from one of our HI Patients
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