Tala Mustafa

Tala Mustafa

Speciality: Dietetics and Nutrition , Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Expertise:Medical Nutritional Therapy of Chronic and Acute Diseases

Designation:Clinical Dietitian

Work Experience:3 Years

Language: English , Arabic


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Tala is a clinical dietitian that has a bachelor’s degree in clinical nutrition and dietetics from the University of Sharjah, she graduated with highest honors and she was awarded a scholarship to pursue her master’s degree in Healthcare Innovation from the Arizona State University, USA. Tala is proactive and passionate about using nutrition in a holistic approach for the well-being of patients. She gained clinical knowledge of nutrition in her years of experience. She has done courses in Sports nutrition, Nutrition in Metabolic Syndrome, Nutrition in Neurological and Cancer patients. She has also done workshops on eating disorders nutrition intervention, eating psychology and popular diets in nutrition practice to support her practice with evidence-based knowledge. Tala is an advocate of wellness, health and mental health to fulfill the purpose of healthy living. 

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