Russell Rogerson Talag

Russell Rogerson Talag

Speciality: Physiotherapy

Expertise:Orthopedics, Neuromuscular, Pediatrics, Sports


Work Experience:13 Years

Language: English


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Russell Talag is a HAAD licensed Physiotherapist at Reem Hospital with extensive experience working with reputable facilities in the UAE and abroad. He has obtained a certification in Health and Social Care, National Vocational Qualification Level 3 in the UK, and is an active member of the Philippine Physical Therapy Association. His experience relies on assessing, diagnosing, and managing a range of physical deformities resulting from injuries, illnesses, or aging. He is also experienced in providing sessions for pediatric and geriatric patients with physical disabilities and can develop and review treatment programs to improve patient’s movement and function. Russell is highly equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills and can assist you in restoring your vitality.

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