Dr. Einas hashim osman

Dr. Einas hashim osman

Speciality: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Expertise:Internal Medicine Specialist

Designation:Internal Medicine Specialist

Work Experience:13 Years

Language: Arabic , English


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Dr. Einas Hashim Osman is an Internal Medicine Specialist at Reem Hospital who specializes in the fields of Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Dialysis, and Emerging Medicine. With an MBBS degree from Omdurman Islamic University in Sudan and a membership at the Royal College of Physicians, Dr. Einas was privileged to join the Federal Ministry of Health in Sudan as a House Officer where she was assigned to work in various clinics and departments such as Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Pediatrics.

Before joining Reem Hospital, Dr. Einas worked in Khartoum Center in Sudan as a Medical Officer where she donated her time and expertise and handled complex areas of diagnostic as Kidney Diseases, Dialysis, and Transplantation. She is highly efficient in handling complicated medical conditions and her passion is driven by the bonds she builds with her patients throughout their lives and the enjoyment she holds in keeping them healthy and well.

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