Aisha Altabai Fadlalla Ahmed

Aisha Altabai Fadlalla Ahmed

Speciality: Dietetics and Nutrition , Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Expertise:Medical Nutritional Therapy of Chronic and Acute Diseases

Designation:Clinical Dietitian

Work Experience:1 Years

Language: English , Arabic



Aisha is a DOH licensed Clinical Dietitian with a bachelor's degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from United Arab Emirates University Accredited by Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) - USA.

She is Specialized in Long term care and rehabilitation nutrition, therapeutic nutrition, Competent in Enteral feeding, Clinical Nutrition, and Medical Nutrition Focused Therapy, weight management, Women and Child Nutrition.

Proficient in public speaking, Motivational interviewing and Nutrition Counselling and Education. Practiced Food service operations and Drove Community educational initiatives.

Covers Wide Scoop of Cases Within the Long-Term Facility with Various Critically Ill Cases on Enteral and Oral Feeds Including, But Not Limited to Pediatrics, Genetic Disorders, Dialysis and Post-Acute Rehabilitation.

Developing Medical Nutrition Therapy Diet Plans for Patients in the Following Clinical Scoop; Elderly, Adult and Pediatric Nutrition Support; Behavioral Disorders, Burn Cases, Cardiac Diseases, Endocrine and Diabetic Cases (Types 1, Type 2, and GDM), Renal Disease, General Medical, Geriatrics, Infection Diseases, food allergies and intolerance, Neurology, Obstetrics, Bariatric and Oncology.  

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