About Tala Mustafa


Dietetics & Nutrition


Medical Nutritional Therapy of Chronic and Acute Diseases


Clinical Dietitian

Work Experience

4 Years


English, Arabic




Tala Mustafa is a Clinical Dietitian at Reem Hospital who specializes in the field of Medical Nutritional Therapy. She is a Graduate of Sharjah University and has been associated with various healthcare facilities where she gained clinical knowledge and experience in nutrition and dietetics. She is passionate about her field and has completed several courses in Sports Nutrition, Metabolic Syndrome Nutrition, Nutrition in Neurological and Cancer Patients with workshops on Eating Disorders Nutrition Intervention, Eating Psychology and Popular Diets in Nutrition Practice.

Tala is an advocate of Wellness, Health and Mental Health and has been actively participating in external events and educational sessions where she discusses Nutritional Counselling, Interventions and Monitoring to the public.

Tala’s main goal is to provide patient satisfaction while improving the quality of care through using optimum medical resources, improving food choices as well as spreading awareness on Nutritional Intervention.

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