About Dr. Maha Feda


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


Musculoskeletal Rehab & Chronic Pain Management


Consultant Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - Head of Department

Work Experience

17 Years


Arabic, English




Dr. Maha Feda is a Consultant and Head of Department at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at Reem Hospital who specializes in Botox Injections, Trigger Point Injections, and intra-articular Injections for management of Pain, Spasticity, and Movement Disorders as well as treating patients requiring Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and are in chronic pain.

With an MBBS from King Khalid University and by completing a residency joint program between Prince Sultan Medical Military City and Royal Australian College of Physicians, she was distinguished as the first female Saudi national to be board certified in Physical Medical and Rehabilitation from the Jordan Medical Council.

Additionally, Dr. Feda holds a Fellowship in Chronic Pain Management and a Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Medicine from the University of Toronto and has held prominent positions in the past as a Director for the Saudi Board Residency Training Program in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and as the first Quality Facilitator and Deputy Director of Rehabilitation medicine and Functional Healthcare Services at the Prince Sultan Medical Military City, KSA.

With a diversity of experience and vast knowledge, Dr. Feda enjoys participating in research and providing training. She is also passionate and committed to her field of practice, Rehabilitation, and Chronic Pain Management and is empathetic to the concerns of her patients.

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