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Psychiatry & Psychology




Consultant Psychiatrist

Work Experience

17 Years


Arabic, English, Dutch, Kurdish




Dr. Aram Hasan is a consultant psychiatry at Reem Hospital. He has more than 17 years of experience in psychiatry and trauma care and has a special interest in treating PTSD, psychological problems and disorders, trauma, grief, sleep disorders and more. Dr Aram Hasan is Dutch-board certified in psychiatry, Erasmus MC, and Traum- Psychotherapist NtVP (ESTSS – European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies).

He is a member of various health associations such as the Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG), and the Netherlands Psychiatric Association (NVvP), as well as the NtVP.

Dr. Aram is experienced in counseling, treating, and supporting people with various mental health problems or psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, depression, addiction, aggression, and psychosis. He also specializes in cases of autism and ADHD. 

Prior to joining Reem Hospital, Dr. Aram worked in well-known healthcare facilities in the Netherlands, where he cared for patients with complex trauma conditions and provided support for general and acute psychiatric care.  

Dr. Aram is also a trainer and supervisor in Transcultural psychiatry, trauma- psychotherapy, trauma focus therapy, Co-BEP and EMDR.

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